Assets Investigations in Hong Kong

A client of Pontus Ventures Advisory Group commissioned us to do a person’s assets investigations in Hong Kong. The target borrowed 10 millions US dollars from the client 3 years ago, and should pay back the loan a few months ago. But the target used all kind of excuses to delay the pay back, such as lack of cash flow recently, lost his houses in Macau due to gambling and so on.

Firstly, we conducted assets investigations on him in Hong Kong in order to find his properties, companies, cars, boats etc, then we investigated his credit from banks, the investigation records show that there was no much assets on him.

Secondly, we investigated the assets under his wife and children’s names. The investigations show he transferred properties ownership and money to his wife and children a year ago in order to run away from his loan.

The litigation records investigation also revealed there were few other people chasing him to pay back the loan. The target actually set up a trap to borrow money from his good friends, then prepared to run away.